Instead of ranting and talking, today I want to actually ASK YOU THINGS. Let’s face it, I will rant a lot, but I really want to ask questions here. Don’t let it go, people. I count on you.
Good morning, friends! This is me back with a small, okay, large, sorry – book blog rant. Today’s topic is…BOOK REVIEWS.

I was just starting my blog. Was it three years? I don’t know! I’m sure that all book bloggers will soon notice this. Our hearts and souls, raving about books in reviews, doesn’t actually work.
I’m not being facetious. Many things work. Book bloggers rave about books 99.9% of. The remaining 1% can be used for writing, food, and other life-related things. But, it’s mostly food. But the point is that we do love books. Book reviews are not the same as other blog posts.

It is something that I noticed and everyone else has probably noticed. It was already discussed by many, and I have already mentioned it in my discussion on popular blog posts. The truth is that book reviews receive less traffic. Instead of blaming the blog posts that I enjoy writing, those that take time and thought, and the ones I want them to share, I decided to try something different and ask myself some questions about book reviews.
The truth is that book reviews don’t get as much attention as they should. While I am aware that I spend more time commenting and reading other blogs, I also know that sometimes I find myself drawn to book reviews.

Why do I comment on book reviews?

It’s difficult to keep up with all the book reviews posted on blogs every day. It can also be very difficult to…wish to. Sometimes I don’t feel like commenting in a review It happens to all of us. What makes me want to give my opinion on a book?
Let’s get started: I comment on reviews written by bloggers all the time . It’s because I’m really nice They are just so wonderful. Some bloggers are amazing and I will read every review and every blog post. Their writing style is beautiful and I will read all of their posts.

When I see A review for a book that I really, really want is popping up A review is always more interesting to me than a book.
The same thing applies to a book that I have already read. : When I know that I have my own opinions on the book, I am more attracted to them. I can compare and see what they love, hate, and all the other aspects of the book.
You might also want me to comment on my book reviews

  • specific review, like the 10 reasons why I MUST read this book.
  • A gorgeous book cover drawing me in #superficialbookwormagain
  • A fascinating start to the review…
  • So on. Sometimes you get this feeling of being like:

Why I don’t always comment on book reviews

Since I began blogging, I have been trying to be completely open about my blogging struggles.
Commenting on book reviews requires a lot more effort than commenting on other fun posts, such as memes and tags. For me at least. Book reviews can be tedious to read. I’m sure. I know. I don’t have the time to read every review in the world so I leave thoughtful comments. I enjoy leaving comments that go beyond “Great Review”. If not, I’m having a Ross Geller moment.

It’s harder to comment on book reviews. Did you know that I only comment on book reviews of books I’m reading or have read? Because I know how to speak. I know what thoughts I have about the book so I sometimes feel that I can contribute to the discussion in comments. This is something I really value. We get prompts to answer questions and we have some prompts in discussion posts. It’s much easier to find something to share once you’ve finished the book. Sometimes I find myself at a loss of words when reviewing books.

How can you get people to comment on your book reviews

I’m still learning how to gather a lot of people around my book reviews. It’s something I would love to do. I enjoy chatting about books in comments and driving people to discuss the books, other books, books that are similar, and books that are not. It’s just as important to drive conversations as discussion posts and other popular blog posts.
Even if I don’t have the right trick, or maybe I will never, book reviews might not be meant to drive conversation as much as other posts on the blog. However, I do have some things that can, would and do work occasionally.

  • Mini reviews are quick and easy to read. Sometimes you only need a few words to convince someone. You can discuss more than one book at once if you do mini-reviews. This will increase the likelihood that your readers have read or are interested in reading the book you’re reviewing.
  • Change up your review format every once in awhile. This is something that I obviously suck at…but it’s always been on the forefront of my mind. Perhaps one day I will. Reviews can be made more enjoyable by reading different types of reviews.
  • Ask questions at‘s end. It is important to ask your readers questions about any blog post. This will give them something to think about and encourage them to comment on your reviews and blog posts. When you are reviewing a book, it is important to ask your readers about the book. However, don’t forget to ask about other books in that genre. Ask if they liked this or that part of the book.

You can just wait and hope, and remember that by writing reviews, your love for books is shared. This is what you’re here for so just keep going and loving it.

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