This was my first blog. I’m sorry. It will not happen again. OK, one time. When I started blogging , I didn’t know what buddy reading was . Slowly, I began to discover the beauty of blogging, the kindness of all, the endless fangirlings, and all the other wonderful things that it offered. I also discovered buddy reading.
Today I am all about sharing wisdom and discussing that wonderful, very enjoyable thing.

Wait…What exactly is buddy-reading?

Although the words speak for themselves, I will try to explain it for you. A buddy is needed and a book is essential. This works best if the book you are reading is the same as your buddy. Begin reading it together, that’s buddy-reading! AND IT’S AMAZING.

How do I buddy-read?

  • Step 1: Find a friend.

You’re sure to find someone in the book blogging community you like talking with, as you’ll be able to have tons of conversations while reading the book together.

  • Step 2: Find a book.

You should pick one book that you both really want to read. This way you can talk a lot, have a lot of fun, and fangirl a lot more than if only you pick up a book that you are feeling “meh”. It doesn’t matter if you HAVE to or BUY the book. It’s amazing how many times I have done buddy-reading that started with me discussing a book and someone else saying, “oh, that book is coming soon.” And me responding, “Let’s buddy-read!” IT IS DESTINY SOMETIMES.



This whole thing seems very easy when you think about it that way. A friend, a book and all is well. Wow. Wow. This sentence sounds great! But don’t worry. You can count on me to share some great tips and tricks to make this all fun.

Here are some tips and tricks for buddy-reading

There is an issue with the world that book bloggers often overlook. The world is vast and it doesn’t matter if it’s morning in one place, or midnight in another. YES, GEOGRAPHY SUCKS. (Sometimes. I like my French pastries. If we are unable to read at the same time, how do we buddy-read? This, my friend is just one of the problems. You don’t have to let this stop you from having fun and doing it. Follow these tips and tricks to enjoy the books.

Talk to the right people

No matter what time it may be, if you are ahead or behind , you must keep up with your buddy to…well, buddy-read . Technology is available to help us all, regardless of where we live. Sorry. That will be my next WIP. You can talk to your friend on Twitter or Facebook. Via email, Google Hangouts, or another method. If you are super patient, via letters or the Owl Postal Service.

Keep track of EVERYTHING

It doesn’t matter if you are buddy-reading with someone on the same timezone or with someone from another country: , it is vital to set aside a day to begin the book together. SHARE the page or chapter you’re at in the book. Before you start the talk, tell your buddy-reader which page or chapter you are on.

Let us know your thoughts on ALL THE THINGS

You can decide how buddy-reading this will go. You can ask questions, discuss themes in the books, or just have a chat about anything. You can have all the fun of buddy reading right here. There’s tons to talk about, sharing, laughing, crying, and amazing screams when a plot twist occurs, as well as shared tears whenever something bad happens. You’re not the only one who loves books. You can enjoy the book together by buddy-reading.

Don’t forget your buddy!

Guilty as charged. It seems like I have lost my mind. My buddy-reader was not in the same time zone as me. The important thing is: Where’s the fun in that? Keep your buddy-reader in mind. You can always share something with your buddy even if you’re not quite as far ahead. SHARE YOUR LOVE. Depending on the book you are reading, tears may be shed.

What should I do after I finish the book?

No matter if you are ahead or behind, once you have finished, all of the conversation will resume, and even more so than before. After you and your friend reader have finished reading the book, you will have plenty to say about it. What will you rate it? Which was your favourite moment? What were you most fond of, and what were you least fond? What character would you like to play and what one would you love to marry?
You could also try a combined review. You can write a review together and post it on both your blogs.

You could also do watch the movie together, as book adaptations have become so popular lately. Even if they aren’t at the exact same time, you know what I mean.

You could also LOVE THE MOST your friend reading, as it was a lot fun and you just want to start over.

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