Today I want to discuss something, and it may or might not be controversial. I don’t know. Since I am being honest, I will talk about blogging, and originality. As you probably noticed from the title, I was a bit more subtle.

If you are reading this, it’s likely that you also have a blog. There’s also a good chance that you blog about books . But What does a book blogger actually do? I haven’t talked about it in my previous post. I only talked about the content of what we write. Book reviews are the heart and soul for book bloggers and why so many people started doing it. If I am wrong, correct me. I began blogging to discuss books I liked, hated, and share my opinions. People tend to stare at me sideways when I do this in real life and ask “What the hell is that crazy person holding her book like a lifejacket?” I wrote book reviews. Sometimes I just stared into space while trying to figure out what to write.

It dawned on me that book bloggers were not just writing about books. They also did a thousand trillion other things. It is not unusual for some to be popular with the masses. discussion posts are very popular. This is because many bloggers use these posts to discuss bookish topics or / and blog issues. There are reading challenges and tags and memes such as the Top Ten Wednesdayone or the Waiting On Wednesday one. These posts are likely to be found if you blog hop and/or scroll through bookish blogs.

Is this a sign that we all are clones? Or does it mean that no one is unique in the book blogging community and we all have to be the same? Do you ever feel bored when blog-hopping? Because all of the posts are so similar? Don’t throw tomatoes at me or hate me. I didn’t say everyone was boring. If it was, WHY would we spend so many hours and months talking with other book bloggers, because everyone is the same?

Being original doesn’t mean writing blog posts about a topic no one has ever discussed. Let’s face the truth, there is probably already a post similar to this. Being original doesn’t mean not doing memes or doing them all.

While I don’t consider myself an original book blogger, I do have my moments. I’m creating discussion posts about topics that people have already discussed tags.

Our originality is what makes unique. It’s not because I read blogs that they have a tag or discussion post that I don’t know about – although I will admit it happens. Aren’t we all curious? But I keep reading because I love the way the blogger answers the questions. Speaking his mind on a topic. Talking about books and sharing his opinions. No blogger or review is the same.

It’s because I love personality, PASSION, that I keep reading. Being original in the sense that you are different is a must-have for any book blogger . You don’t have to spend hours brainstorming to come up with crazy ideas , although it’s fun! This is not a good idea. READ ALWAYS, people. Reading is essential. It doesn’t matter what you do. In this community, I want you to be unique and successful. Okay, I won’t let you down. I’ll hide and hope no one misunderstands me. I love everyone and every person is unique. That’s what I meant by my rant.

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