The Sound of the Stars is a book that I had been eager to read and I’m glad I did. Although it was disappointing in certain ways, I enjoyed every minute of the ride. You can see my full review right below!

About The Book:

“This debut is a mix of music, books and aliens. It also features adventure, resistance, queerness, queerness, and a strong heroine that ties it all together. “–Ms. MagazineCan a girl who is willing to risk her life for books and a girl who loves pop music come together to save humanity’s future?
A rebel librarian meets an Ilori commander…
Two years ago, one-third of the world’s population died due to a miscommunication between Earth’s leaders and the Ilori invaders. Ellie Baker, 17, lives in New York City’s Ilori-controlled center. Ellie has a secret library that she keeps secret, despite the fact that all art, books, and creative expression is illegal.
Young Ilori commander Morris discovers Ellie’s illegal library and is obliged to execute her. Morris, a young Ilori commander, discovers Ellie’s illegal library and is obliged to execute her. The Nerd Daily The Sound of Stars explores the comforts and horrors that make us human. .”–K Ancrum, author The Wicker King. “This book has it all!” Aliens are determined to conquer the earth! A determined heroine hiding a stash of books! The power of stories and music to make those who have every reason to be afraid fall in love with them. What could be more? “–JoelleCharbonneau, New York Times bestseller author of The Testing and Verify. “An absolute must read for everyone.” –Book Riot. –Buzzfeed. Also by Alechia Dow.
The Kindred


  • What attracted my attention first? The Sound of the Stars It made me add it on my TBR. unique concept . Ellie, a 17-year-old human from a world in which aliens have invaded Earth, keeps a secret library. M0Rr1S is an alien who was born in a laboratory. He finds it and decides to use it to discover more human music.
    • It’s a wonderful idea to imagine a world without art. I love the way these characters live for it, fight for it, and strive to protect it. It’s amazing how important words and music are to the main characters, and how that shows throughout the story. It is beautiful and such an amazing idea.
    • The world that the author created was just as enjoyable to me. I was amazed at the uniqueness of the entire story about the alien invasion. The way they think, work, and everything else was amazing.
  • The Sound of the Stars can be viewed through two POVs: Ellie and the M0Rr1S. Ellie’s POV was so wonderful to me! From the beginning, I felt something for Ellie, her voice leaping off the page, and taking me along with her through her story. I loved her strength. I could feel her fear but also her hope and determination to make it okay. I loved her.
  • The story of a healthy and happy relationship was something I enjoyed greatly. It was interesting to see how the relationship developed and became more. I also liked how they took their time and were careful about consent. It’s wonderful and so important that we see such strong relationships.
    • This story was science-fiction but also addressed important issues that you would find in contemporary YA stories. Like microaggressions. How Ellie has lived with them all her life and how they continue to affect her. Or the amazing anxiety representation, and how important it is to her treatment. In other cases, she uses her coping methods. This is a fantastic, vital addition to science fiction stories.

It was a difficult time with…

      • There were problems with the overall pacing. At first I was fascinated and skimmed through the pages eager to find out what happened next. Although I don’t know when it was, I felt a bit disconnected from the story. The pacing seemed to slow down and I noticed my attention drifting away.
      • As I said before …., this story is told in two perspectives. Unfortunately, I am referring to the second POV in my review. It was difficult for me. With M0Rr1S’s voice I couldn’t create the same level of connection that I felt with Ellie throughout the story. I felt a little distant from his story, which made me feel really sac.
      • The ending! There are no spoilers, but the ending made me a little unhappy. I wanted to know more.


The Sound of Stars was a fun and entertaining debut. Although I did have some issues, I enjoyed the concept and main character. I look forward to reading more by this promising author!

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