Did you read a book that was great? You have plenty of time to do other things than commute back and forth from work. Consider how much time you spend driving or taking public transport every day. How many books would you have read if you could spend just 15 minutes reading books every day? Many people find it difficult to spend 15 minutes a day reading books. Why not make your time more productive?

There are thousands of audio books that you can download today. You can listen to bestsellers, read self-improvement books and listen to newspapers. There are many other subjects you can choose from. Many websites let you download audiobooks to your computer, burn them to CDs and transfer them to your iPod, MP3 player or iPhone. You may also not know that many audio books are narrated directly by the author. It’s really great to be able hear the voice of an actual author reading the book.

Free audiobook download

Audiobook stores will let you try their service for a few weeks and then give you a free book. They offer a variety of options to download audiobooks each month, or you can buy audiobooks as-needed without a subscription. Audiobooks are often cheaper than hardcover books and, in some cases, even less expensive than softcover books.

Renting audiobooks

A new service allows you to rent audio books. You may find yourself wanting to listen to an audio book, but not necessarily want it. It’s like having your own library, but you don’t have to go to the library in person to borrow a book. You simply have to return the audiobook you’ve listened to and it is sent directly to your computer on CD.

It is very enjoyable to listen to audiobooks. Listening to audiobooks makes it easier for me to understand the information. I love being able to pause chapters and re-play them. Discover a new way to read books with an audio book.

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